eStandards Final Conference - RAMIT

eStandards Final Conference, June 26-27, Brussels

  • 02-May-2017

The eStandards consortium is pleased to announce the eStandards Final Conference. This two-day event will take place in Brussels (CEN premises) on June 26-27, 2017.

The theme of the event is:

“Standards and profiles in action for large-scale eHealth deployment in Europe and beyond”

The preliminary agenda is available here.

You are invited to think of a global eHealth ecosystem where we all enjoy timely safe and informed health anytime anywhere and interoperability assets fuel creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation.

Where eStandards: nurture large-scale eHealth deployments with Trust and Flow to strengthen Europe’s voice and enable co-creation in interoperability where trusted dialogs on health, costs, and plans meet great expectations.

In this eStandards conference, you will be part of in-depth discussions on the future of eHealth Standards that really impact the digital future of health.

Participation is free, but registration is mandatory as the number of seats is limited. The conference starts late morning and ends late afternoon so participants are able to fly in the morning and be back in the evening.