ICIC17 – 17th International Conference on Integrated Care, Dublin - RAMIT

ICIC17 – 17th International Conference on Integrated Care, Dublin

  • 08-May-2017

It includes 5 themes:

  • Theme 1. Promoting the health and welfare of people, families and communities
  • Theme 2. Timely transitions: optimizing patient flow across care settings
  • Theme 3. Preventing and managing chronic disease: engaging and empowering people
  • Theme 4. Ageing health and wellbeing
  • Theme 5. Implementing integrated care

Some information that can be of your interest by now:

·  The Conference will be held in Dublin next May 2017, 8-10.

·  This is the Conference webiste. http://integratedcarefoundation.org/events/icic17-17th-international-conference-on-integrated-care-dublin

·  To register, https://abbey.eventsair.com/icic-17/icic-17-registration/Site/Register#

·  About the registration, early bird discount of 10% is available until Friday, 3 March.

We will inform you as soon as we receive an answer regarding C3-Cloud abstract, it is expected early January 2017.

Hopefully we can be there presenting C3-Cloud project.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information

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